Croydon Culture Special – 004

The forth of a series of shows supported by Croydon Council to showcase the Cultural highlights they are supporting in the Borough. This show features interviews with the organisers of the Colors Croydon International Mela – Julian Rudd & Ajay Chhabra as well as Malti Patel from Apsara Arts, & Internationally renowned dancer and choreographer Anusha Subramanyam who is the Associate Artist for the Mela.

The Colors Croydon International Mela features – TaZzZ, Tasha Tah, H Dhami, Raxstar, Arjun, Transe Express/Dhol Academy, Apsara Arts, Magic Mela area & Carnival procession, Taste of Asia food market,

Malti Patel

Anusha Subramanyam


Also on the show..

Synthesis Festival

Surrey Opera

Warhol Croydon

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