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Along with regular editions there will also be additional monthly shows commissioned by Croydon Council to showcase the Cultural highlights they are supporting in the Borough.

More details are available here.

So, if you want to know what’s happening culturally in Croydon, listen in.


014 – Summer Of Love & Christian Graham

Interviews with Andrew & Eunice Dickinson about The Summer of Love in Wandle Park and Croydon ReUse, followed by an interview with actor/writer Christian Graham about his Croydon set play Be Born which is being performed in East London’s Space Theatre in June

Summer Of Love
Website: greencroydon.co.uk/croydon-reuse-organisation/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wandle.park
Twitter: @greencroydon
Twitter: @CroydonReUse

Website: www.codashows.co.uk

Christian Graham
Twitter: @C_A_Graham
Twitter: @SpaceArtsCentre
Website: space.org.uk

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011 – Screen 25

This week I spoke to Katie Brandwood from Screen25 about their new home at Harris Academy South Norwood and Crowdfunding for their own projector.

Website: www.screen25.com/donate

Twitter: @screen25cinema
Facebook: www.facebook.com/screen25cinema


Website: www.codashows.co.uk

Croydonites Festival
Website: www.croydonites.com
Twitter: @croydonites

Website: turf-projects.com
Twitter: @Turf_Projects

The Bethlem Gallery
Website: bethlemgallery.com
Twitter: @Bethlem_Gallery

Croydon Community Choir
Website: www.facebook.com/CroydonCommunityChoir


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