004 – Festival Of Peace 2018

Croydon’s first Festival of Peace is coming next year from 16th to 23rd of June and will comprise a number of events including performances of a specially commissioned Anthem of Peace.

I spoke to Katie Rose at The Paxton Centre about this and how we can all get involved by taking part and pledging as little as £2 towards the crowdfunding page. I also spoke to Josi Kiss about the plan for a Peace Garden in Park Hill Park.

Festival Of Peace – Anthem of Peace
Info- festivalofpeacecroydon.wordpress.com

Funding – www.spacehive.com/anthem-for-peace
Twitter – @FestofPeace
Email – festivalofpeace@gmail.com

The Croydon Citizen Article – thecroydoncitizen.com

The Paxton Centre
Twitter – @ThepaxtonC
Webpage – www.thepaxtoncentre.co.uk

Peace Garden
Twitter – @ParkHillFriends
Webpage – parkhillpark.org.uk
Facebook – https://facebook.com/FriendsofParkHillParkCroydon/

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